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Gym memberships are up, physically demanding hobbies such as running and cycling are on the rise, and our lifestyles are more demanding than ever. All these factors lead us to need more protein in our diet to aid muscle repair and tissue growth.

With all this in mind we thought we’d help you guys with regular protein based recipies suitable for those following vegan/ gluten free/ sugar free diets. The first of these tasty little recipies is designed to help you start the day off with a huge protein boost (although these beauties could be enjoyed any time night or day!). Weve tailored the recipie for those on a gluten free and dairy free diet, although if you aren’t avoiding dairy then whey protein could easily be used instead of the pea protein.

Gluten free/ dairy free protein pancakes

  • 3 organic free large eggs
  • 2 large well ripened organic fairtrade bananas
  • ½ cup soya/almond/ rice milk
  • 4 scoops of pea protein powder (although any of the various protein powders we sell would be suitable)
  • Tablespoon of organic virgin coconut oil

Plus any additional superfood ingredients you wish to add….we love to add chia seeds and barleygrass powder to add omega oils and vitamins to the nutritional profile.

Mix all the ingredients together until smooth, heat the coconut oil gently in a frying pan, and cook on both sides as you would a regular pancake. These are delicious served with either fresh or frozen berries and soya cream poured on top. Enjoy!

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