Organic food is food which is produced using environmentally and animal-friendly farming methods on organic farms.

These methods exclude the use of man-made chemicals and are legally defined and any food sold as 'organic' must be strictly regulated. Therefore you can rest assured that any item we stock sold as organic has been certified by one of the UK's official certification bodies.

Organic farming recognises the direct connection between our health and how the food we eat is produced. Artificial fertilisers are banned and farmers develop fertile soil by rotating crops and using compost, manure and clover. Organic animals enjoy the very highest welfare standards – they are truly free range and have plenty of space and access to fields and all our animal products are certified organic from our eggs, to our milk, ice cream, and cheese.

Organic beauty products require the maximum amount of organic ingredients, minimum synthetic ingredients, minimum processing of ingredients and clear labelling so that consumers can make an informed choice.

For more information please visit the Soil Association website.

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